Marylou Webb


E-RYT500 Yoga Instructor

Continuing Education Credit Workshops Recognized Through Yoga Alliance

Registered Yoga School Recognized Through Yoga Alliance 500 Hours
RYS 500

I am currently on four Advisory Committee's through Yoga Alliance.
Members Benefits Committee
Schools and Studio Advisory Group
Standards Committee Advisory Group

I am and have been Yoga Ambassador to numerous companies

*Classes Offered*
Hatha Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Beginner Yoga
Drum Circles
Art Therapy
Belly Dancing
Classes for Domestic Abuse Victims

Groups and Privates

My workshops offer Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit

These workshops center around  building self-esteem, self-worth,  and providing the tools to make informed decisions to avoid destructive relationships and be strong, courageous women.

Teaching Yoga to Trauma Survivors©
(Formerly Teaching Yoga to Domestic Abuse Victims)
*This workshop will give you the tools:
To offer a safe environment to heal
Shift from compassion to empowerment
Recognize reason for not always being present
Create healing groups
Create practices which lead to recovering their voices, self-love, forgiveness, self-worth, and self-image.
  *You will learn:
How to create a safe, sacred, loving and healing space
Recognize unresolved trauma symptoms
Use yoga to provide tools for healing
Learn how to work with women struggling
Learn how to work collaboratively with the class
Online or in person
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

  Creating a Positive Self Image©
*This will give you the tools:
To create a positive image
Understand and help others to understand society's and the medias role in how we see ourselves
Learn to love yourself
Discover and work on your self esteem, self respect, self image, self worth and self love
*You will learn:
Learn how to create a positive self image through meditation and yoga
Learn how society and the media instill harmful self images
Learn how to gain a healthy self-image
Learn how to help others with their self-image
Learn how yoga helps
Learn how to recognize symptoms of unresolved trauma
Online or in person
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

Yoga and Art Therapy
Work through past traumas
Yoga, Art Therapy and Meditation are used to deal with, understand and come to terms with our past, present and future selves.
Online or in person
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

Finding Your Animal Spirit/Totem  Through Guided Meditation
Uncover, find and meet your animal spirit/totem, while being guided through meditation.
You will embark on a journey while you visualize your surroundings. Your spirit animal/totem is waiting to meet you.
Discussion follows
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

   Discovering Your Past Lives Through Guided Meditation
We have many past lives.
This workshop will help you visualize, see, learn about and understand them
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

  Aura Clearing & Chakra Balancing
Learn techniques on how to bring balance..
Learn about Auras and Chakras
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

   Crystal Healing
Learn how to heal yourself and others with crystals
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

      Moon Yoga
Learn about the different phases of the moon and how to work your practice with it
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

   Understanding Karma
Ever wonder what Karma really is or what really happens?
You will learn and be able to understand what Karma really is and does
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

   Understanding Chakras
Learn all about the seven main Chakras.
Learn how to unblock them and learn what blocks them.
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

   Our Inner Goddess - A Women's Group
Through chanting, meditation, pranayama, and asanas you will learn about the Goddess inside you.
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

   Energy and Chakra Healing
Through yoga, meditation, sound therapy, crystals, and pranayama you will discover how to grab onto the energy you possess.
You will learn about the seven main Chakras and learn which asanas are best for each Chakra.
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit Approved

I am and have been Ambassador to numerous companies:
Shaman Sisters
Harem Pants
Be Present
Yoga Paws
Jade Yoga Mats
Cozy Orange
Om Pillows
Wear Peace
Bali Malas
Buddah Pants

Yoga Alliance Standard's Committee - Advisory Group

Yoga Alliance Member Benefits Committee - Advisory Group

Yoga Alliance Schools and Studios Committee - Advisory Group

Yoga Alliance Community Service Award - Judge

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Yoga Alliance Conference 2015
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Hanuman Festival 2014
Wake Up Festival 2014
Yoga Alliance Conference 2013
Flagstaff Yoga Festival 2013 - Presenter
South Bay Yoga Conference 2013
Hanuman Yoga Festival 2013
Hempfest 2011 - Presenter, Aura/Chakra Balancing, Yoga

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Sivana Spirit
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Yoga Magazine
Jan. 2013
(Issue #80)

By Mary Webb

  I am a domestic abuse survivor and an E-RYT500
(Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-Hour Level)

  Years ago, I found myself in a physically abusive relationship. I turned to yoga and meditation and through this I found the strength to leave.
  Not long after, I found myself in a totally different kind of an abusive relationship. This abuse I did not recognize. He was verbally, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally abusive. I felt alone and he instilled fear in me. He was dominating,
threatening and possessive.
Getting physically abused is just as painful as being mentally, emotionally, verbally and spiritually abused.
  I knew yoga could heal physical problems, so I thought I’d try it to help heal my broken, bruised, beaten down body, mind, spirit and soul.
  I wanted to heal myself and then help others.
  There were so few resources available. I decided I needed to help change things. I had to become
a voice for victims.
  Through yoga, I found a strength I didn’t know I possessed. I found courage. I found peace. I then
meditated for direction. I began to give motivational speeches at domestic abuse shelters. I wanted them to be able to see that I had been in the same place they were and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  I then designed a program based on what had worked for me. I offered free yoga and meditation classes to abuse victims. I found that my program worked for them. I wanted to give back and reach out to as many women as I could.
  I saw positive effects and changes among the women.
My hope is to teach others on how to work with abuse victims, helping them understand, reach and deal with victims of abuse and not only bring further awareness to domestic violence, but to help people become more understanding and empathetic.
  If we can understand abuse, maybe we can put an end to abuse.