Marylou Webb Readings/Reiki

Marylou Webb
Readings, Reiki, Healings, Balancing Clearing

Readings help you to see things clearly, shift the energy and become more aware.

I have done readings at Mardi Gras for the past six years

I am a member of Find Me. It is a group of psychics who work with police to try to find the lost and missing. Only 150 psychics worldwide belong to this group.

Aura Clearing

Chakra Balancing

Reiki Healing

Palm Reading

Pendulum Reading

Past Life Readings

Rune Reading

Tarot Card Reading
One Card $5.00
Three Card $10.00
Full Spread $20.00

Reiki Level l Training and Attunement $150.00

Reiki Level ll Training and Attunement $200.00

Reiki Master Training and Attunement $300.00

  Learn how to use your own energy to heal yourself and others.

Astrology Charts

Numerology Charts

Tarot 101
Learn how to use the Tarot. Understand what the cards mean and represent. Do readings for others or just ask questions.


Ordained Minister